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R&D and Design


Breaking traditional cast-in-place structures down into factory-like prefabricated

parts; optimizing and designing detailed drawings on parts in combination with

production processes and construction schemes; providing the consultancy service

of the whole process with respect to the prefabricated building

Design consultancy with respect to the prefabricated building


Digital model, construction simulation, parametric design for establishment of an

enterprise library and secondary development of BIM

Building information application for the complete period

Researching and developing the ALC beam-column-free self-bearing structure

system; preparing industrial standards which are to be popularized and applied at

home and abroad

R&D of ALC building systems


The R&D and Design Business Unit of Jcon is mainly engaged in providing consultancy of

the whole process and deepening the design service with respect to the prefabricated

building, and developing innovative crafts in the prefabricated building field so as to provide

technical support for the whole industry service of the Company concerning the prefabricated


- Business part:
The businesses of the Business Unit fall into three segments: design consultancy of the whole

process with respect to the prefabricated building, building information application for the

complete period, and R&D of ALC building systems. Engineers of the Business Unit have

rich experience of several years in in-depth design of the prefabricated building, including

Class I registered structure engineers, senior engineers and a group of highly-educated

design researchers who have some specialties academically, and over 75% of them have

master’s degrees or above. (>> Work Structure Chart for R&D and Design Business;

>>BIM Renderings;>> Introduction to Project Cases
- R&D part:

The Company aims to become an application institution that has proprietary intellectual

property rights, intensifies the transformation of R&D achievements into the economic

benefit of engineering, gradually enhances the enterprise’s brand image and improves

competitiveness in R&D, design and construction. The R&D and Design Business Unit has

made R&D achievements leading in Jiangsu in such aspects as installation of prefabricated

functional composite interior and exterior wall boards, and R&D of key hoisting technologies

and sound insulation of prefabricated wall, and outstanding contributions in R&D of

technologies and construction methods for the prefabricated building. Up to now, the Business

Unit has been granted 35 authorized national patents and 18 software copyrights in total.

(>> Exhibition of patents and software copyrights

R&D and Design

Work Structure Chart for R&D and Design Business

- Industry-university-research collaboration part:

The Company attaches great importance to the industry-university-research collaboration during the

technological R&D. It maintains long-term cooperative relationships with such colleges and universities

as Suzhou University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Tongji University and University of

Technology Sydney, and is declaring several research projects concerning building industrialization.


Having stuck to the path of “industry-university-research-application”, taken the market-oriented

approach, set technological innovation as the core and taken projects as the carrier for years, the

Company realizes a win-win situation for the enterprise and the university or the government, enhancing

the scientific and technological innovation capacity and achievement transformation ability of the

enterprise a great deal. Recently, the R&D Center of the Company is working with Nanjing University of

Technology on R&D of the ALC wall board beam-column-free self-bearing prefabrication system in

combination with actual prefabricated building projects, including performance tests of board joints and

of connected nodes between walls and floor slabs.