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Jcon is willing to cooperate with friends from different communities to provide

customers with perfect building works heart and soul.

EPC is one of the main businesses of Suzhou Jcon Building Technology Co., Ltd.,

with prefabricated EPC as its core business.


The Company has qualifications for general contract of architectural engineering

construction of Grade II and for professional contract of architectural mechanical

and electrical installation engineering of Grade II, and it is one of the first “Modern

Demonstration Bases in Building Industry” of integrated application in Jiangsu



With rapid development of urban and rural construction for the past few years, the

awareness of green energy conservation and environment protection has been

growing, which indicates that the building industry has been at the key stage of

reform and development and represents the general trend, and that the prefabricated


building is sure to lead the main development direction of future building according to the construction demand of the State and the development trend of the industry. As the national government

and local governments at all levels popularize the prefabricated building and develop the related laws, regulations and standards, an ever-changing age will eventually come to the prefabricated building


Traditional construction modes cause the serious disconnection among design, production and construction links, construction period and cost increase and enormous waste of resources. The key to

solve those problems is to carry out the approaches of design-production-construction integration, subject-decoration integration, and EPC integration so as to improve the overall production efficiency

and cooperativity of the whole industry chain.


Jcon commits itself to becoming a integration service provider of the whole industry chain integrating R&D, design, production and construction of the prefabricated building, and makes connections

among such technical and management links as design and production, production and construction, subject, component and decoration by applying BIM information technologies so as to drive

the steady development of the whole industry chain of building industrialization.