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PC Plant

PC Plant

[ PC members can satisfy needs of the prefabricated building covering an area of   3  million square meters]

Suzhou Jietong Building Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jietong”) is co-founded by

the two new-three-board listed companies, namely, Suzhou Jcon Building Technology Co., Ltd.

(stock code 836149) and Suzhou Zhonghengtong Road and Bridge Co., Ltd. (stock code

870917), through investment, with an annual output of PC members that can satisfy needs of the

prefabricated building covering an area of from 0.5 million to 1 million square meters.



Jietong PC Plant is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, covering an area of 80mu, and it is the first

enterprise that produces prefabricated members in the Industrial Park. Jietong introduces and

absorbs advanced technologies and management experience of Australian BIANCO, equipped

with one fixed mould production line, one flow production line and one rebar production line. With

respect to the flow production line, three lines are arranged, and four transition carriages, one

four-station concrete spreader and two shaking platforms are provided, which enables pouring,

vibration, shining and maintenance simultaneously on two operating lines; with respect to the

fixed mould production line, steam pipelines are provided so that the line can be maintained with

steam in a season at a lower temperature, which is much more efficient than the common fixed

mould line. The flow line is provided with pre-curing kilns and steam curing kilns, with the

corresponding maintenance methods to be selected based on different forms of members.

Magnetic boxes are used to fix the mould of the flow line, with a flexible production mode. If there

is any urgent order for members, the members can be made through framework building on the

vacant stations, rebar colligation, concrete pouring, maintenance in the kiln and delivered timely

after they reach the design strength.