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- National high-tech enterprise
- National equities exchange and quations (stock code 836149)
- Jiangsu Modern Demonstration Base in Building Industry
- The first enterprise to issue “Convertible Innovation and Entrepreneurship

   Corporate Bonds” in China

- 53 patents for inventions and for utility models and software copyrights
- Three holding subsidiaries in Australia
- High-tech Enterprise with the Most Growth in Jiangsu Province for 2017


Company Profile


Suzhou JCON is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in prefabricated building and construction. JCON is located in China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) next to the beautiful Dushu Lake. Over the past years, JCON has beenaleading supplier and forerunner in adopting ALC prefabricated building products. Its business reaches on diverse fields including research,design,manufactory,supply andconstruction.JCON has now grown to one of the leaders in the industry.




JCON has the general contractor qualification for construction projects. The first modernized PC factory in SIP that invested and constructed by JCON has commenced the production. The company is currently in transformation and upgrading to the construction service provider withcompletedindustry chain inprefabricated construction coveringareas including design, development, production, site construction, installation and project constructionprocurement.

JCON is listed as aninnovative enterprise in NEEQ (stock code 836149). In 2017, it was issued the Corporate Bonds of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Non-public Convertible Corporate Bonds in Shanghai Stock Exchange.

JCON has won numerous important awards and titles including "Outstanding National High-tech Enterprise”, “Outstanding Private Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province", "Modern Construction Industry Demonstration Base inJiangsuProvince”,“Suzhou NALC Integrated Functional Building Wall Engineering Research Centre", "2017 HighGrowth High-tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province" etc. JCON has made profound contribution to prefabricated building technology and construction method with34 patents for utility model and 1 patent for invention.The company also owns 18 software copyrights.In the meantime,JCON has been actively establishedsome of research topics in the field of construction industry modernization.

JCON has one wholly-owned subsidiary and two holding companies in Australia. The company has been accredited with the highest certification in building systems in Australia and New Zealand. The company was also invited to be an industry peer in preparing AAC Australian Standards, and taking the prefabricated building technologies and products with Chinese characteristics out of China.

With the increasingly high prefabrication rate requirement from all levels of government and the enactment of law and regulations, Prefabricated building will certainly embrace new development opportunities. With these new opportunities and challenges, JCON isdevoted itselfto vigorously integrating the whole industry chain resourcesand eventually tobecome aprofessional service provider that can provide the whole industry chain service of prefabricated building.

—China National High-Technology Enterprise

—National Equities Exchange and Quotation(NEEQ) Enterprise (Stock Code 836149)

—Jiangsu Modern Demonstration Base in Building Industry

—The first enterprise to issue “Convertible Innovation and EntrepreneurshipCorporate Bonds” in China

—53 invention and utility model patents and software copyrights 

—Three subsidiaries in Australia

—2017 HighGrowth High-Tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province