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Business Segment


Focus on Prefabricated Construction and New Energy/ Research and Design/Production/Installation




Our project management department is specialized in the installation of new prefabricated components (AAC(ALC) and PC) and EPC construction of distributed photovoltaic power stations, including early-stage technical guidance, deepening design, on-site construction and after-sales services. We provide customers with high-quality and efficient construction services to ensure their satisfaction.


Since 2006, we have provided integrated services for the design and installation of prefabricated construction systems for over 1,500 industrial and civil buildings. Twelve projects, including Suzhou Cultural and Art Centre, Suzhou Kempinski Hotel, Suzhou Global 188 Apartments, Suzhou Taihu International Conference Centre, Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre, W Hotel Suzhou, etc., have won Luban Prize (National Prime-quality Project).

R&D and Design



The R&D and Design Business Unit of Jcon is mainly engaged in providing consultancy of the

whole process and deepening the design service with respect to the prefabricated building, and

developing innovative crafts in the prefabricated building field so as to provide technical support

for the whole industry service of the Company concerning the prefabricated building....


Building Integrated PV



Green building consulting involves collaborating during the design stage, using various professional measures such as land, energy, water, materials, and indoor environmental control to achieve the desired green and low carbon goals, and ultimately providing technical consulting services throughout the green building rating process.

Our new energy department is committed to providing customers with one-stop smart photovoltaic system solutions, including investment, design, construction, and maintenance. We help our customers use green energy safely and sustainably, avoid risks associated with traditional energy, and reduce energy costs, becoming practitioners of energy transformation...

PC Plant


Suzhou Jietong Building Industry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jcon Technology, is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, covering 60 acres and having a designed production capacity of 45,000 cubic meters/year of PC components, which can meet the needs of 500,000-1 million square meters of prefabricated construction. It is the first prefabricated concrete component production enterprise in Suzhou Industrial Park and won the "Suzhou Quality Award" in 2021.


Changzhou Jietong Prefabricated Building Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Xujie Technology, is located in Changzhou Xinbei District, covering 122 acres and has a designed production capacity of 150,000 cubic meters/year of PC components, which can meet the needs of 2 million square meters of prefabricated construction. It can provide structural decorative insulation integrated wall panels, prefabricated interior wall panels, superimposed floor slabs, balcony slabs, air conditioning slabs, stairs, beams, columns, and other components for prefabricated construction....

Development Abroad



Founded in 2014, the Overseas Office of the Company has been actively exploring the Australian market and committing itself to take prefabricated building technologies and products with

Chinese characteristics out of China. Through unremitting exploration and repeated practice, the AAC wall system independently developed by the Company passed a series of tests in such

aspects as fire resistance, sound insulation, weather fastness and material designability, and was certified by CodeMark issued by Australian Committee for Building....