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[Sino-Australia Cooperation] Xu Jie (Australia) Holdings Co., Ltd. Signed an Equity Cooperation Agreement with Buildup Interior

[Sino-Australia Cooperation] Xu Jie (Australia) Holdings Co., Ltd. Signed an Equity Cooperation Agreement with Buildup Interior

This year coincided with the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Australia. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties, with the joint efforts of both sides, China-Australia relations have made considerable progress. China has become Australia’s largest trading partner for eight consecutive years. In particular, since the implementation of the 2016 FTA, the strategic partnership between the two countries has been fully enhanced. This month, Suzhou Xu Jie, as a member of the Jiangsu delegation, visited Australia with Prime Minister Li Keqiang. The Jiangsu and Victorian governments organized the “Virginia Jiangsu Day” series of activities and signed a series of cooperation documents in various fields. Demonstrate the comprehensiveness, strategicity and pragmatism of China-Australia cooperation. 


Victoria Day event in Jiangsu

Under the joint witness of Governor Shi Taifeng and Governor Andrews, over 20 government departments, agencies and companies from Jiangsu Province and Victoria State signed the corresponding cooperation agreement.



Chen Haodong, deputy director of Jiangsu Housing and Housing Department attended the event



signing ceremony


The two sides will strengthen communication, exchange and cooperation in the industrial upgrading of the construction industry and the sustainable development of the city in the context of multiple challenges such as urbanization, changes in the ecological environment and shortage of resources. Victoria wants to learn about Jiangsu's solution to the challenges of rapid urbanization. The areas of cooperation include prefabricated building industry, construction of sponge cities, construction of ecological garden cities, and promotion of sustainable urban development.
[Equity signing ceremony]
As an important part of the delegation's itinerary, Asahi (Australia) Holdings Limited and Buildup Interior Pty Ltd have signed an equity cooperation agreement in Sydney, and both parties will cooperate in the field of prefabricated construction.
Suzhou Xujie Construction Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Ding Jie addressed
Mr. Ding Jie, Chairman of Suzhou Xujie Construction Technology Co., Ltd. and Executive Director of Xujie (Australia) Holdings Co., Ltd., expressed his welcome and gratitude to all the guests present, especially members of the Jiangsu delegation who had come from afar.
Since the establishment of the Australian Division of the company, in just a few years, all members have focused on diligence and completed all tests and certifications that meet Australian industry norms. They have been invited to participate in the Australian AAC national standards and have established a foothold in Australia.
Mr. Yu Shaoxiong, the founder of Buildup Corporation, thanked all guests for attending the company. As the first generation of Chinese representatives who drifted across the sea to emigrate to Australia, through their unremitting efforts, they took root and worked hard in Australia, making contributions to Australia’s economic prosperity, social progress, and ethnic harmony. He is the witness and witness of China-Australia friendship and cooperation, as well as one of the behind-the-scenes promoters.
Deputy Director Chen Haodong of the Department of Housing and Urban Housing of Jiangsu Province made a speech on behalf of the delegation to Australia. He said that “China’s Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Jiangsu Province is very supportive of the historical opportunity for China to vigorously develop prefabricated buildings”. , And hope that local companies in the overseas development and growth, after accumulating rich experience can backfeed their hometown, communicate with each other, build bridges, and serve as the ambassador of China-Australia friendship. "He also sincerely hopes that the road of cooperation between the two companies will be wider and wider, give full play to their respective advantages, realize greater development of their own businesses, and put the expectations of Premier Li Keqiang and Governor Shi Taifeng on the close cooperation between China and Australia." Real place.
The signing ceremony was also supported by two local administration and commerce in Sydney. Local friends including Deputy Mayor Tony of New South Wales, honorary sponsor of China-Australia Australia Business Council and president of China-Europe International Business School Alumni Association of China Europe International Business School attended the ceremony. Witnessed the signing ceremony and expressed sincere blessings.
On the signing ceremony, Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Turnbull held the fifth round of the annual meeting of the two Prime Ministers in Sydney to jointly discuss how to better implement the bilateral free trade agreements, strengthen the development strategy linkage, promote scientific and technological innovation cooperation, deepen trade and investment, and energy Resources, judicial enforcement, education and culture, tourism, local and other areas of friendly exchanges and pragmatic cooperation. As one of the venues for China-Australia exchanges, the signing of the equity cooperation agreement between Xu Jie and Buildup is a microcosm of the promotion of comprehensive strategic cooperation between the two countries.
According to the proposal of Deputy Director Chen Haodong of the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Jiangsu Province, Suzhou Xujie and Buildup will further increase their cooperation on the basis of the existing strategic cooperation framework and plan to establish a China-Australia Cooperative Assembly Building R&D Center in Suzhou, Jiangsu. Drawing on Australia’s valuable experience gained in many years of development in this field, combined with the current situation in China, we will explore ways to cope with the industrialization upgrading of the construction industry under the new forms of urbanization and environmental resource change.
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